Will remove unemployment in handicrafts and handloom sector: Prof.Akeel

ULDC & HHD announces employment training programme

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Srinagar 10-Oct: Director National Council for Development of Urdu Language, Ministry of Education, Government of India, Professor Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee year of Gandhi ji, the Handicrafts and Handlooms Department, presided as the Chief Guest at the Kashmiri Hot and Exhibition Ground.
While talking to reporters here in Srinagar, Kashmir, it was announced that the Urdu Language Development Council and Handicrafts Handloom Department together announced to run a training program to provide employment to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir in large numbers. Even the youth will pass this training program, that youth will be entitled to 100% employment.
Professor Sheikh said that our plan is that paper messy style is an art only who will explore new opportunities possibilities of skill development for Kashmiri youth in collaboration with the Department of Handicrafts and Handlooms and handicrafts in association with Urdu Language Development Council and from Had Kharga Explore relevant new areas and find relevant courses for them Will prepare the outline very soon
Professor Sheikh Akhil Ahmed said that the Government of India is committed to the development of Jammu and Kashmir and our department and the Central Government are working side by side night and day to find revolutionary solutions for the problem of unemployed people and that day is not far. When no one will remain unemployed in Jammu and Kashmir and a new revolutionary policy of the Government of India will be successful in the field of employment and the youth of Jammu and Kashmir will again be seen touching new heights in the field of employment, he said that revolution in the field of industrial and tourism. It is an unwavering resolve of my government to bring me
He said that it is the order of the Prime Minister of our proud country that we want to bring a revolution in the field of employment in Jammu and Kashmir so that the youth of this place get employment here and organizations like NCPUL L connected with the Government of India can fulfill the dreams of the Government of India play a key role in realizing
Professor Aqeel Ahmed said that the young youth of Jammu and Kashmir has a lot of talent and due to our efforts, handloom handicrafts.
In the first phase of this scheme, they will prepare and provide employment to about 500 unemployed youth which they termed as a big achievement in Kashmir.

Professor Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed said that due to the long-standing militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, the industrialists of cities like Ludhiana, Punjab, Punjab, Ludhiana, etc., cheated the industries by selling the duplicate garments by machines in the country and abroad.
‘”Today, the work of reviving those industries together with our ministry, the central government has taken a strong initiative, today we are going to take steps to re-recognize the tradition of the textile industry here, which will prove to be a revolutionary step.
In the last years, the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, prominent Jammu MLC Ramesh Arora ji, Hinduist leader Raju Chandel ji raised this demand in front of the central government and all you journalists in the press club in Jammu that I had seen that news and the government had raised the demand of Jammu and Kashmir”,he added.
Reviving the dying handloom handicraft industries of Kashmir, called upon the Urdu Language Development Council to come forward, on whose initiative we are going to take a concrete step today and revive the handicrafts handloom industries of Jammu and Kashmir together and in future In the name of Kashmiri handloom handicrafts, fate will not allow the state to be cheated and the unemployed youth here who became unemployed due to militancy.
“The advantage of which the textile industrialists of Ludhiana, Punjab, by installing modern machines, copying and copying the fake garments of Kashmiri handloom handicrafts, have done billions of trillions of business from the garments being sold abroad and the people of Kashmir are being cheated. Now this will not happen. We are going to make such an arrangement with the government; we will get the original Kashmiri apparel at the government store in the coming time”,he added.

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