Terrorism Chokes A Society

We All Must Defeat it

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Shabeer Ahmad

Terrorism is a blunder committed by the terrible individuals around us. To demonstrate their strength, a group of people attempts to govern a specific arena.

India is a democratic nation, and everyone is treated equally under the Indian Constitution. Even so, some cowards try to keep their power over the impoverished and weak.

Terrorism has a negative impact on both society and personal life. As a result of their acts, a large number of families are destroyed.

Terrorism represents the foolish act done by the cruel people around us. A bunch of groups tries to rule a certain arena to show their power. Terrorism had an adverse effect on society as well as personal life. Their number of families gets destroyed due to their actions.

Acts Of Terror Cause Devastation

Who could forget the date 26th November, better known as 26/11! Where 10 terrorists entered the country and attacked the economic city in India. Bringing grenades, pistols, automated rifles, and other destructive weapons they almost destroyed the city and shocked the Indians at midnight.

The people who were helpless and weaponless were targeted. They were in their own world of enjoyment at the railway station, hotels, and the drives on the roads, and suddenly a danger happens in their lives, which they did not expect. Osama Bin Laden was the greatest terrorist in the world! People are still afraid of hearing his name. He had destroyed a building named ‘world-trade center’ with the help of an airplane.

Danger Of Taking The Wrong Path

The origin of terrorism starts with a few things. Everything has a start and if left unmanaged, they can leave astray and lose the right path. At the school level, if the adverse effects of being bad are explained properly with illustrations to some real-life examples, children will get aware that they must never take the wrong path. They will take the initiative to stop the spread of crime.

Instead of making criminals look big by projecting them in heroic roles in television serials, hero movies should be made on supercops. Instead of writing biographies of terrorism supporters, books on those who combat terrorism should be supported.

The start of this cleaning starts from home. If you have a child, teach the child the way to be a great person and to have good habits. Do not support him when he starts stealing something. Terrorism has an end. If we are united against terrorism, can be thrown out of the window!

Various Forms Of Terrorism

Political terrorism, which raises mass concern, and criminal terrorism, which involves abduction for ransom money, are the two sorts of terrorism. Political terrorism is significantly more dangerous than criminal terrorism. Regional terrorism is highly dangerous for society.

Terrorism is becoming a problem not just in India, but also in our neighboring countries. Governments throughout the world are battling it. We must collectively battle this scourge and defeat it.

Terrorism has spread across the country and around the world. Terrorists feel that dying as a terrorist is a priceless and sacred experience, and they will go to any extent to attain it. Each of these terrorist groups was founded with a different motive. Who can forget November 26th, often known as ‘26/11’? Ten terrorists infiltrated the country and assaulted India’s economic center. They nearly devastated the city and astonished the Indians by bringing explosives, pistols, automatic rifles, and other lethal weapons.

Political, social, and economic issues, grievances with the society, lack of education, corruption, racism, and economic disparities – all these are key factors in the development of terrorism.

Terrorism is sometimes used to establish and maintain a hard-line, extremist position. Millions of goods have been destroyed, thousands of people have died, and animals have been slaughtered as a result of terrorist assaults. People lose trust in humanity after seeing a terrorist attack, which fosters more terrorists.

Terrorism comes in many forms and manifests itself in different parts of the country and outside.



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