Shah’s Terrorism Assertions 

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Union home minister Mr Amit Shah while addressing a rally in northern Baramulla Distt.,on Wednesday said that terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is on its death bed and time has come to give Kashmiris freedom from Terrorism. He said that Jammu and Kashmir is on the path to development since abrogation of Article 370 and terrorism and terror-related incidents are on all time low, giving credit to the coordinated efforts of different security agencies. Shah’s assertions are cent percent true as since the abrogation of Article three seventy hundreds of developmental projects have been completed while the work is going on upon hundreds of such projects.

Prior to the abrogation of Article 370, mere petrol of the security forces would attract the mob and would result in stone pelting and a law and order situation. At encounter sites, authorities had to suspend mobile internet and violent mobs would pelt stones at security personnel. Sometimes the situation would turn so volatile that security forces were helpless to fire pellets or live ammunition to disburse the mobs and at times it would result in casualties.

Since 2019, not a single pellet has been fired in the valley, and nor has been there any such law and order situation where security forces had to deal with violent mobs at an encounter site. Stone pelting is something that our youth have forgotten about and now the youth of the valley are busy thinking about their future and fulfilling their dreams and the dreams of their families. We must not shy away from giving credit to the security agencies and the policies that have been adopted by the central government for curbing terrorism and maintaining peace in the valley.

Amit Shah is not trying to steal the show but he has the right to take the credit as the central government’s policies have succeeded and helped Kashmir come out of the cycle of violence and chaos.




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