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Lots needs to be for implementation of Media policy announced by JK Government in 2020.
In the backdrop of policy a comprehensive review is the need of hour and mushroom growth of newspapers and portals should be stopped at an earliest.

The policy lacks complete Implementation . The media has seen an exponential growth both in terms of scale as well as diversity.

The growth of digital, online and social media, the pressure of breaking news rush are all trends made it imperative that the responses of the Government keep pace with the demands of the media.

New trends in the media and ever-evolving media platforms also call for changed responses from the government for effective communication and outreach.

In the light of this, a comprehensive review of media policy is required to carry the message of welfare, development and progress to the people in an effective manner.

A continuous attention to the criticism and grievances of the people projected by the media and addressing them was another important Endeavour of the Government to ensure people’s participation and giving them a sense of being a part of the development process.

One more aim of the policy was to ensure the judicious use of the government advertisement, which have undergone more than fifty percent cut during the past three years.

Some of the newspapers and in a very bad position and may have to take their news papers off the print.

In the middle of this some of the newspapers are still enjoying a lion’s share from the government advertisements. These newspapers hardly follow the government directions and SOP’s and are busy with making money and fortunes for their children.
Government and the officers of the department hardly bother about the small news papers who have been doing exceptionally well from the point of view of supporting the govt. policies and decisions.

The question is that how can a newspaper owner take un countable number of advertisements while as others are suffering like anything.

The requisites’under new media policy-2020 are not being followed on ground and some of the blue eyed people are enjoying.

Government should take strong steps to ensure that newspaper owners follow the new media policy guidelines in letter and spirit so that its benefits reach every nook and corner of the news paper industry in Jammu and Kashmir.

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