Nursing: Huge Demand, Rewarding Career

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Pace of change may be slow, but change is law of nature

Until some time ago, parents did not allow girls to enter this field, but after university level education, now boys are also adopting nursing as a profession.
There are many positive changes taking place in the field of nursing which will improve the future of those engaged in this field. The pace of change is a bit slow but change is the law of nature. Positive change is showing its effect which is a good omen.

Importance Of Nurses

The role of nurses is critical to the existence of man on this earth, the development of civilization and the organization of social life. Treatment and care of patients is both knowledge and art. Any civilized society in today’s world cannot be imagined without doctors, nurses and hospitals.
The fact is that no matter how good the treatment facilities are, no matter how many experts in the field of treatment, unless there are not trained nurse throughout the system, the treatment system cannot be successful or easily run.
The world’s first nursing school was established after 1854 at St. Thomas Hospital in Great Britain under the supervision of a woman named “Florence Nightingale”. Today, many hospitals around the world are running under the name of Florence as a tribute to her.
Nurses usually work in hospitals. The main responsibility of a nurse is to take care of the patients physically and mentally. These patients can be people suffering from mental and physical diseases or people suffering from mental and physical disabilities.
The World Council’s charter defines the nursing profession as : Nurses care for the sick. Physically, socially, and spiritually, they create an environment conducive to recovery, emphasize disease prevention to patients, and use their skills education and other examples and resources to promote health.
Nurses provide their professional services to the individual, family and other health departments. Service to humanity is the primary task of nurses and the foundation of their profession. The need for nursing services is universal. Therefore, professional nursing services are provided regardless of nationality, race, color, politics or social status.

Critical Link

A nurse creates an individualized care plan for each patient. A nurse assesses the patient’s condition and changes care methods and prepares in advance for alternative treatment arrangements. Also, a nurse is fully aware of the medical treatment of the patient/patients by keeping a complete record of each patient’s treatment and follows the doctor’s instructions regarding medications, diet and precautions. Along with this, the nurse takes care of the mental and physical health care needs of each patient and informs the patient’s relatives about the patient’s condition.

Shortage Of Nurses

There is a severe shortage of nurses in most of the developing countries, including India, and perhaps the reason for this is that this prestigious profession does not have the importance and status it deserves in the eyes of the common man. Constant attention from a good nurse can be as important as a surgeon’s major operation.
Nursing is a respectable profession. The white-clad nurse is like an angel to the sick and afflicted and her kind demeanor, soft corner, warmth of eyes, soft smile of lips, helping hand, and professionalism help the patients to fight the disease. Nurses assure the patient that no matter how dangerous the disease may be, he will one day recover and return home and life will be beautiful, interesting and happy for him/ her once again.

The Caregiver

It is the Islamic and ethical method to comfort the sick person and comfort him. Instead of spreading despair and heart-breaking words to the patient, the caregiver should narrate such hadiths about the reward of the disease and the healing of it. One of the advantages of this is that his mind will be directed towards the hereafter and the mercy of Allah and the second is that the spirit of patience in suffering will be awakened, which will help him psychologically in the disease. It will be felt. Visiting the sick is a noble and righteous act, a high level of goodness, a natural necessity and worship.
The life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was the best example of service to the people. You used to get anxious seeing the illness and suffering of others. Prophet PBUH used to visit the sick, show compassion and inform them. The Prophet (peace be upon him) declared the visit to the sick to be a high level of goodness and promised abundant rewards and honors from Allah.

Bright Prospects

As compared to other professions, the employment opportunities in the nursing profession are very bright at the national level and abroad and thus the student can strengthen the financial condition of his/ her family by taking up this profession to meet the financial needs of his family.
Healthcare is in shambles’, when our country, like the rest of the world, was going through one of the worst health crises and pandemics of covid 19, exposing our ‘below average’ health sector. Since then, the government is trying its best to make the health sector more active, due to which there will be ample employment opportunities in this sector in the future.


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