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Twenty-ninth September is celebrated as “heart Day” across the globe to aware people about the importance of a healthy heart. Unfortunate enough that, heart attacks have doubled during past five years in Jammu and Kashmir and so have the number of deaths due to these heart attacks.
Heart disease has become one of the commonest ailments in the developed world and same is the case with the developing nations as well. Unchecked urbanization, sedentary life style, lack of physical exercise, smoking, alcoholism and air pollution are considered as some of the reasons for the heart attacks and the consequent deaths. We in Kashmir have many other reasons also for the ever rising heart ailments but, certain reasons are common throughout the world and we are no exception there. During the last few decades, people have undergone a massive change in the life style and this has given rise to many problems including some serious ailments.
There used to be a time when most of the people in Kashmir lived below poverty line and men and women used to toil hard to make their both ends meet. People had no luxuries available to them and use of organic foods was very common. With the economic well being and technological interventions we have adopted a sedentary life style where most of us do not work and sit idle all day long. Our foods especially our Wazwan if so full of Calories that medics call it a “Calory Bomb”. Eating fast foods, smoking and drinking alcohol has become a common trait of our society and the result is alarming. SMHS hospital receives ten to fifteen patients of heart attacks daily and so is the case with SKIMS soura and JVC Bemina.
The situation is alarmingly worrying and we need to take precautionary measures,which are very easy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that shows we love our heart and if we really love it we have to bring about a change in our routine.

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