Police deser ,Kistwar infant kidnapping

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Kishtwar police has displayed exemplary professional skills in solving the kidnapping case of a six months old baby. People from all across the union territory have given a lot of praise to the Kistwar police and the manner in which they handled this very delicate case and solved it within a few hours.
The kidnapping has raised many questions which, we as a society have to find the answers for. Child kidnappings are a very new trend in the rising graph of crime in jammu and Kashmir. There was a time when crime was unheard of in Kashmir and people used to shiver just if anybody had a prick of the knail.
Now a days ,we hardly find a day when police doesn’t arrest a drug peddler or a gang of thieves . some of the crime has taken an organized shape in jammu and Kashmir now. Only yesterday, Srinagar police arrested a gang of three men and a woman who would lure gullible people into their net and demand money from them.
We as a society have acted mute spectators to the ever rising crimes and have waited for the situation to reach a point where even a six months old baby is also not safe. Jammu and Kashmir police have been doing their bit from the day first and have been trying to eradicate the menace of crime from the society but it is very sad that they have not been getting due support from the society and hence the crime rate is increasing with every passing day.
This is high time that we as a responsible people work with the law and order maintaining agencies and keep a stringent vigil upon the activities of unscrupulous elements. We have to bring about awareness among masses regarding the rising crime rate and its ill effects on the society so that we can bring down the crime rate so that incidents like that of Kistwar do not take place again.

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