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Srinagar, 27 Sep 2022.    On receipt of specific information regarding presence of unidentified terrorists in Welsbatapura village, Kulgam District, a joint cordon and search operation was launched in the area by Indian Army along with JKP and CRPF at about 01:45 PM on 26 Sep 22.

            Quick cordon around the suspected cluster of houses in the village was established by the security forces. On suspecting the presence of one to two terrorists in one of the houses, the Security Forces started evacuating the civilians in the vicinity to a safe location. As has been observed in earlier operations as well, the terrorist opened indiscriminate fire targeting civilians, in hope of exploiting an opportunity to escape. Sensing the danger to civilian lives and disregarding personal safety, the troops speeded up the evacuation process, simultaneously pinning down the terrorist with accurate fire.

            While attempting rescue of civilians and moving them out of firefight zone, one officer sustained gun-shot wound and was evacuated to 92 Base Hospital, Srinagar. Two civilians also sustained splinter injuries when they were targeted by the terrorist by lobbing grenades. One of them has been evacuated to 92 Base Hospital.

            On positive confirmation of no civilian presence around the target house, Army conducted a deliberate operation to neutralise the terrorist. The terrorist was subsequently neutralised and has been identified by JKP as Abu Hurrarah, resident of Pakistan and a hardcore member of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist organisation. One AK series rifle, one Pistol, Grenades and other warlike stores have been recovered.

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