The new Afghanistan 97 percent forced to live in poverty

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Some mischievous people had set out to enforce Islamic Sharia in Swat. For the implementation of Islamic Sharia, control over the government and the people was required. To achieve this goal, these people recorded suicide blasts everywhere on “CD-cassettes” and spread them all over Swat. I still have that scene in my mind, when a woman was being flogged and men were standing around watching the spectacle. A few weeks after this spectacle, there was a lot of activity in Char Bagh. In the midst of terror and fear, life was showing its existence and color. The children were on their way back from the madrasa and the laborers were wiping their sweat and carrying provisions for their children, whose eyes were waiting for their father to the door.
Meanwhile, Char walks by the Bagh police station. The sounds of Allahu Akbar are heard on the TV. Darkness falls and hearing ceases. Blood and rags of innocent people are everywhere. Some are moaning in distress and some are crying out for help, but those who take the name of Sharia consider it a victory. Success, the implementation of Sharia and the joy of waving the Islamic flag. Those who see this scene become more afraid, stagger and cover themselves in the atmosphere of terror.

Apparently the same chip is now embedded in people everywhere in Afghanistan. Since the arrival of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, countless lives have been lost. Life is lost somewhere in the midst of innumerable famines and straits. Clouds of frustration and disgust are hovering everywhere. Many people are looking at the outside world with regretful eyes. Many people have nothing left in this world except their breath.
Last week, the United Nations presented its report on basic human rights in Afghanistan. The report covers basic human rights in the last 10 months, since the Afghan Taliban took over the government in Afghanistan.
According to this report, a group called Islamic State from Khorasan province killed 700 people and 1406 people were injured due to their attacks. The majority of them were religious minorities, who were killed while going to school, worship or other daily activities. According to UN Representative Marcos Putzel, most of those deprived of basic human rights are women and children. In many cases, women and children have been deprived of their right to education, work and other daily activities. 160 people have been extrajudicially killed in the last 10 months, despite “amnesty” granted to Afghan forces and former government officials.

Apart from this, many journalists have been removed from their positions, many have been given heinous punishments. According to the report, restrictions have also been imposed on media freedom. Freedom of expression and protestors are tried to be suppressed in every possible way.

According to UNDP, the poverty rate in Afghanistan is 97% and the economic situation is worsening during this political turmoil. According to the UNAMA report, about 59 percent of the population is in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Each coming day brings a bigger challenge for Afghanistan. In recent days, floods in eastern Afghanistan have killed at least 32 people, destroyed hundreds of homes and washed away many crops.

The plight of women in Afghanistan is unparalleled in any other part of the world. Afghanistan government has ordered women to wear burqa. During the 20 years of war, every second house in the neighboring country has been crippled by war and explosions. Many men are unable to work. Household expenses are forced to be met by the woman’s earnings, for which she is forced to work in the scorching heat while wearing a “burqa with cap”.
In view of the current situation in Afghanistan, the ‘UNAMA’ report has appealed to all foreign countries to continue helping Afghanistan.
On the other hand, the Taliban’s hard-line attitude in Afghanistan is causing trouble for other countries in the region as well. Seeing this attitude of the Taliban government, many elements are raising their heads in Pakistan and are demanding and talking to the Pakistani government to end the merger of FATA and implement Sharia law in areas like FATA, Malakand etc. This situation is causing trouble not only for the government but also for the people of Pakistan. Because the people of Pakistan have already experienced the Taliban and have suffered the consequences.

Usman Torwali belongs to Swat. He has done MA in Political Science from University of Peshawar. He writes columns on political topics for various journals.


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