Kokernag Development Authority loses lakhs of rupees due to officials, panchs, and sarpanches occupying tourism huts at Kokernag,

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Kokernag Development Authority loses lakhs of rupees due to officials, panchs, and sarpanches occupying tourism huts at Kokernag,reveals RTI

The Kokernag Development Authority (KDA) has suffered losses of lakhs of rupees due to the occupation of tourism huts and budget accommodations by government officials, panch sarpanches, and BDC members over the past three years.

The RTI request made by a single applicant wide no CEO/KDA 887 dated 3/09/2022 indicates that the KDA authority has 4 huts in tourist area Kokernag of which two are occupied by the SDM and the Tehsildar of Kokernag under DDMA since the outbreak of COVIDV19. Since the officials have occupied the huts, KDA has not received any House Rent Allowances (HRA) from them reveals RTI.
However ,the RTI also reveals that the KDA has outsourced one prefabricated Hut in the year 2019 for five years to Shri Jahangeer Ahmad Shah R/O Bidder Hayatpora for an amount of Rs 133650 with ten percent compound escalation for these successive years.

The KDA also has 20 roomed budgeted accommodations that are occupied by panchs, sarpanches, and BDC and DDC members, reveals RTI.

The KDA has collected total revenue of RS 288028 from the last five years, RTI Reveals.

Talking to Arising state, official sources said that these officials including the panchs, sarpanchs, BDC and DDC members have not paid any rent since they have occupied the huts and budget accommodations of kokernag development authority nor they have received any rent under DDMA District disaster Management Authority. As a result, the Kokernag development authority has to lose between 20 and 30 lacs in expenses as panchs, sarpanchs, BDC and DDC members occupy the huts and budget accommodations, sources said.
Adding that if these huts and budget accommodations were available in such prized locations, it would attract more tourists to Kokernag. Last year, the KDA had written to Deputy Commissioner Anantnag regarding the losses, but the deputy commissioner did not take action, according to official sources.

Meanwhile, the Kokernag tourist destination has witnessed a surge in tourists this year and collected a substantial amount of money. The tourist place is underdeveloped, compared to other tourist sites in South Kashmir.

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