Epidemic within an epidemic

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Epidemic within an epidemic

Kashmir has become a hub of drugs. Surveys are revealing that Jammu Kashmir has thousands of people involved in drug-related issues among them 90 per cent of these drug users are in the age group of 17-33 years.

In recent years, surveys reveal the number of drug abusers has increased by many folds in the UT. There is a change in the pattern of drugs used as well. Illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine, and brown sugar are available in the drug market. 90 percent of the patients enrolling in drug de-addiction centres are using heroin.

In fact what studies have revealed there is an epidemic within an epidemic. It’s become very common in these patients. And It leads to chronic liver diseases resulting in death. From last one decade the numbers are increasing and also the pattern has changed. What we are seeing is illicit drugs are being used commonly like heroin and brown sugar.

The drug addicts who are being treated at the Government De-Addiction centre in Kashmir say that drugs are easily available across the Kashmir. Once they get addicted to these substances, they go to any extent to get them.

The drugs used to be cheaper earlier, but now it’s become expensive. No hesitation in saying that most households are having drug addicts.

The biggest problem is the easy availability of these illicit drugs across the UT. The drug abusers say that from cocaine to heroin to brown sugar, everything is available over a phone call. This menace has also led to an increase in crime rate in some areas.

The abusers are mostly addicted to F10 and F11. Drugs are available everywhere, you should just have the money.

The Jammu and Kashmir police have recovered Illicit drugs from various parts of the Union Territory worth crores of rupees. The Police also say that most of the drugs supplied come from across the border of Pakistan.

Many such consignments were recovered mostly in areas close to the Line of Control, like Kupwara and Uri. Also, a lot of these drug consignments were dropped via drones from across the International borders in different parts of Jammu.

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