Is statehood more important an issue than unemployment, corruption and drug abuse?

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Is statehood more important an issue than unemployment, corruption and drug abuse?

Is statehood more important an issue than unemployment, corruption and drug abuse?
Why don’t JK’s political parties strive to eradicate these issues and evils?
Srinagar: 10Sep; Ever since abrogation of Article 370 and 35A of Indian constitution and turning the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into a union territory, the main stream political parties of Jammu and Kashmir have got only one demand and that’s the restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir. Though the Union home minister Amit shah has made a promise on the floor of the parliament house about the restoration of statehood on an appropriate time, JK’s political parties have still made it a point to raise the issue at every forum while these parties never utter a single word on the rampant corruption, Un-employment and other social issues that have plagued the society.
Jammu and Kashmir has the highest unemployment rate in the country and these political parties, when in power, never tried to create employment opportunities for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. Instead these parties engaged an army of daily wagers, need based workers and others in different departments and now LG administration is setting things right in this regard.
These daily wagers and need based employees were either a vote bank for these parties or were engaged just because these youth were serving and doing the odd jobs at the residences of these leaders for years together.
During the past three years none of these parties showed any concern for the rising unemployment, crime rate, drug abuse and the corruption of which the seeds were sown by these parties.
Drug menace is yet another grave issue facing the society in Jammu and Kashmir as our neighboring country is pushing huge consignments of Narcotics into this side of the LOC and the whole security setup and Government machinery is busy fighting this menace. The local political parties and their leaders who happened to be the masters of everything till yesterday never showed any concern for this and the fact is that they never even issued a statement condemning the acts of our neighboring country.
There is no doubt that the seeds of nepotism and corruption were sown by the local parties who were in power for seven decades or so, but the astonishing thing is that when LG administration has started an all out war against this menace and many government officials have been taken to task given their track record and many more have been arrested, these parties and leaders are silent and never issue a statement appreciating the government action.
The only thing these parties want from the central government is to “Restore Statehood” of Jammu and Kashmir so that these parties could come to power and start looting the resources of JK as has been their practice in the past. In the middle of all this, common kashmiris have only one question in their minds to ask these political parties. Is statehood so important for you while as the burning issues of unemployment, corruption, drug menace and others have taken a backseat for you?

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