NC’s election statement           Is the Party in a fix now?

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                       NC’s election statement
Is the Party in a fix now?

  1. National Conference yesterday hinted at contesting elections at all the ninety seats of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir thus virtually backtracking from its earlier stance of forming a poll alliance with people’s alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), an amalgam of different political parties that came into existence just before the abrogation of Article-370 and 35-A of Indian constitution. Though this decision is neither new nor astonishing, given the political legacy of the party, but it has surely once again brought to fore the political waywardness of the party and has provided yet another chance to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to understand the wicked politics of the party.
    PAGD was formed to jointly contest or oppose the center’s decision of abrogation of Article-370 and the parties that are part of the amalgam had promised to fight any fiddling with the Article tooth and nail. Many years have passed and the amalgam has done nothing other than holding some useless meetings and having tea together. The way with which the amalgam has dealt with the issue of abrogation of Article-370 makes it clear that this amalgam and the parties that are part of this alliance are just trying to make themselves relevant in JK politics as with centre abrogating the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, these parties have been exposed before the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
    National conference has always believed in dynastic politics and this party can go to any extent in regaining its hold on the power in J&K, which now seems impossible as the party has nothing in its kitty to offer to the people of Jammu and Kashmir other than fake and false promises, which it has been doing for last many decades.
    Now that the party leadership was caught red-faced when its leaders from different areas of the UT opposed the idea of forming a poll alliance with PAGD, the party leadership has started peddling a different narrative and trying to befool the people of Jammu and Kashmir once more. This is high time that people of Jammu and Kashmir wake to the occasion and reject the rhetoric of this party so that this party and its allies do not get another chance to take the people of jammu and Kashmir for a ride.

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